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Customer Engagement in Theory and Practice

- A Marketing Management Perspective -

Katarzyna Żyminkowska



Verlag : Springer International Publishing
Sprache : Englisch
Erschienen : 29. 04. 2019
Höhe : 210 mm
Breite : 148 mm
ISBN : 9783030116767
Sprache : Englisch
Einband : Gebunden

Offering a pragmatic understanding of customer engagement as an object of effective marketing management, this book takes an integrative approach and brings together different streams of marketing research, such as customer activism and value formation. The author explores the notion of customer engagement by analysing empirical data compiled from firms operating in the consumer goods and services sectors, as well as from the consumers themselves. An insightful read for scholars of consumer behaviour and customer relationship management, this book advances understanding of the drivers, components and effects (both positive and negative) of customer engagement and proposes a comprehensive framework for its management.

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