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Working Across Difference

- Social Work, Social Policy and Social Justice -

Donna Baines; Bindi Bennett; Susan Goodwin; Margot Rawsthorne (Hrsg.)



Verlag : Macmillan Education
Sprache : Englisch
Erschienen : 27. 05. 2019
Seiten : 250
Höhe : 235 mm
Breite : 155 mm
ISBN : 9781352006407
Sprache : Englisch
Einband : Kartoniert

Social Workers in Australia are increasingly called upon to work across social differences in ways that promote social justice and challenge growing inequity, and anti-oppressive practice has been put at the heart of qualifying programmes. In this exciting new collection, some of Australia’s leading social work academics explore working across so-called human differences within the context of contemporary social work.

By drawing on the insights and theories of people who have been positioned as ‘different’, the authors use practice vignettes and original data to provide ways to join theory and practice, with a primary focus on thinking about how to change patterns of social difference.

Whether a social work student or an experienced practitioner, Working Across Differences is essential reading for anyone who values anti-oppressive practice and social justice.

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